We believe that travel isn’t just about the places; it’s about the people and the experiences.

With so much diversity to experience in Croatia, it’s often a challenge to decide where to go and what to see in our beautiful unspoilt country. Here under Special interest tours you can find different suggestions for exceptional experiences and get a new dimension to your holiday that will allow you to know the life of local people, taste the traditional cuisine, learn about the cultural traditions, observe rare wildlife and great richness of the botanical world, take part in the traditional harvest activity of tangerines, grapes and olives, enjoy musical performances…and so many more.

It is up to you to choose which ones you would like to include in your program during your next visit to Croatia for a completely unique travel experience.




Experience Croatia with all your senses, on tours that include wine tastings, market visits and cooking presentations and classes. Spend time with locals proud of their commitment to centuries old traditions like wine making, olive oil production, truffle hunting, salt harvesting, oysters and mussels farming, and many more. They will gladly bring you in on the secrets of the trades and lend you a hand as you learn to open shells, collect salt, hunt truffles, make home made pasta or even make your own honey. Partake in unique seasonal experiences, such as picking olives, tangerine or grapes. You can enjoy these experiences as day trips or can travel Croatia on a multi-day program designed around our culinary culture.



Experience a wide variety of sports holidays , including everything from tennis to cycling, on one of our tailor-made tours. Private lessons and helpful personal trainers are available to ensure that you have fun getting fit with your chosen sporting activities.We can create a sporty holiday that suits your personal tastes with a special focus, such as playing tennis, mountain biking, horse riding, and many others anywhere in Croatia.


jahanje Blanka

Croatia is like Heaven to horse lovers: with its diverse terrain of plains, lakes and rolling hills, well-trained horses, experienced guides, a unique cultural heritage and Croatian gastronomy and wines,  it is ideally suited to horse riding enthusiasts. Riding adventures we offer will give you a chance to explore some of its hidden highlights.  You can expect warm hospitality, comfortable accommo-dation and traditional, local dishes to round off each fantastic day. Contact us for your dream equestrian holiday in Croatia.



The Golden Valley and Croatian California are common nicknames for the Neretva Valley given due to its exceptionally rich soil and golden tangerine fruits grown on endless plantation. During October and November, the Neretva valley comes to life in a special way.
During this period we organize a unique tourist event – tangerine harvest. Ride through narrow canals in traditional vessel managed by the host who will show you how locals catch fish and cultivate citrus fruits.
Visitors themselves can participate in the harvest or at least walk through the numerous Mandarin plantations savoring not only their fruits, but also a variety of local dishes and drinks.


aida peristil

There is no language barrier when it comes to music. The thrill of the theater, the inspiration of great musicians, the buzz of a festival is waiting for you. Join others who share your enthusiasm and enjoy the power of music together. We’ve picked out some of the best festivals and performances in Croatia to make great Theater holidays – The Split Summer Festival and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (both July to August) probably the two best known of all. Our opera/ concert tours provide a well planned itinerary taking in one or more opera/ concert performances together with walking tours of the local sights of interest.


tkalački stan

Croatia is a country with traditional customs where one can observe the creation of crafts using centuries old methods. Learn and explore the importance of cultural textiles in Croatia, discover weaving traditions, try your hand at back strap weaving techniques with lessons from our experienced weavers and purchase handmade textiles directly from the artisans. Our tours offer you the chance to learn the histories of textiles and see various weaving techniques. Participants will also learn how different textiles are made and a demonstration on all  kinds of looms. Educational workshop includes a lecture, demo and the weaving workshop. Join us for a hand – crafted tour geared toward textile enthusiasts alike.


We Love Nature

Tourists are not the only visitors that ‘flock’ to Croatia… a variety of feathered friends – both migrating and indigenous – also favour our country, making it a bird watching haven. All across Croatia, birdwatchers delight in spotting over 230 indigenous and endemic species ­ in addition to the migrating species ­ and in documenting and sharing their sightings. Come and enjoy all the beauty and diversity of these habitats and learn about the winged residents who have wisely settled down while discovering untouched natural beauty at every turn.



Recently voted the best European Advent destination in 2016., Croatia’s Capital Zagreb is the place you need to visit. Infused with the aromas of gingerbread, mulled wine and roast chestnuts, Zagreb’s famous Christmas Market is sure to get you into the festive spirit. Enjoy the seasonal sights and sounds for yourself, shop for some unique Christmas gifts and souvenirs and discover the stunning snow – dusted scenery of nearby small town Čazma, one of the world’s most stunning holiday displays. During the festive season, the property is lit up by the lights of a hundred thousand colored lamps which together with decorations offer you the unforgettable experience of a true Croatian Christmas story.



A visit to Croatia during the Easter season will introduce you to the multi-faceted traditions that are honored during this important season and will provide you with an opportunity to take part in the local festivities. Though some customs are widespread, others are region specific. Northern Croatia enjoys special traditions such as building bonfires. You can enjoy numerous events, concerts, festivities and in the city centers see the exhibition of giant, hand – painted Easter eggs representing the Croatian Naive art.  In the coastal part of Croatia streets come to life with various events, from traditional Easter Fairs, and Egg hunts to the unique procession „Za Krizem“ on the island of Hvar, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Visit Croatia in Easter season to enjoy traditional Easter dishes and wines , meet Croatian hospitality and be a part of something very festive and heartfelt.


Northern Velebit National Park - Aleksandar Gospić

According to tradition, the best way to really know a place is to walk it, meet the people who live there, see its treasures, taste the exquisite cuisine and explore its highly varied landscapes. Our walking and hiking tours are designed for active travelers who take pleasure in exploring both the culture and the environment on foot, winding through hidden alleyways and traversing over paths worn from centuries of use. Contact us for a unique active tour that not only shows of stunning mountains, crystal clear sea and unique landscapes but also incorporates the cultures and custom of our country.


game of thrones

If you are a fan of the mythical „Game of Thrones“ series you can now relive the scenes from the show by visiting some of its filming locations and trace the footsteps of your favorite characters through the stunning landscape of Croatia. Gain insider’s insight into filming of the series from our experienced tour guide who will also provide interesting facts about the places you visit and the stories of the noble families of Westeros.

The Game of Thrones tour lets you experience Croatian nature, take in the majestic, sweeping views, capture the panoramas in the distance and with a little touch of the imagination and help from our tour guides make you recreate your own favorite Game of Thrones scenes.



Although it has only a few botanical gardens, Croatia is a member of the European Botanic Gardens Consortium. Croatian botanical gardens are recognized for their valuable collections of indigenous flora, the third richest in Europe, while the few arboreta keep collections of ornamental trees and shrubs older than 300 years.  Seeing plants in their native habitat is always exciting and our botanical tours offer you an incredible choice of discovering a mix of the most attractive public gardens and some equally interesting private ones while revealing the natural beauty, history and culture of the locations we visit. Garden lovers and those seeking a unique holiday experience will get the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful climate, great hospitality, historical sites, breathtaking landscapes together with horticultural beauty of marvellous gardens.